Fresh Stop Brandenburg

Making Fresh Food Accessible and Affordable

The Brandenburg Fresh Stop program provides families access to local, farm-fresh fruits and vegetables on a sliding-scale basis. Fresh Stop Markets are open to everyone and are created, led, and sustained by community leaders. The food is paid for in advance so that farmers don’t face the same degree of risk as with a standard farmers’ market.

A Planning Meeting for the upcoming season is scheduled for 5:00 PM on Tuesday, March 13, 2018, at the Health Department, located at 520 Hillcrest Drive, Brandenburg. Please bring a dish to share at the meeting.

If you’d like to volunteer with this important initiative, or learn how to get fresh, local food from your Brandenburg Area Fresh Stop, please email Photos and upcoming events are posted at

Annual Events

March or April– Food Justice Dialogue– a community conversation about food justice in our area, and what we can do

Late May – Strawberries! A great price on local strawberries to kick off the season

June-October – Fresh Stops pickups are every two weeks at the Meade County Extension Office Pavilion. A typical “share” is about $30-$40 worth of fresh, in-season, local produce. Sliding scale is $6 for families on WIC, $12 for lower-income families, $25 for higher-income families. Families who can are encouraged to pay the $40 “food justice” price, in order to ‘put more money in the pot so all can eat.’

October or November — Harvest Celebration! Typically a potluck and story-sharing time celebrating the great work done through the season and honoring our farmers.

Brandenburg Fresh Stop is supported by New Roots, a Louisville nonprofit that has Fresh Stops in over 14 locations throughout the greater Louisville area (see The program also has great partnerships with other area churches, the Meade County Health Department, the Meade County Extension Office, and many engaged citizens.