Our Mission


To Know…

means To Learn about the Trinity – God, Christ, and Spirit – Creation, our Faith, our Episcopal traditions and our Fellow Man, not just in Sunday Morning Worship and Christian Formation Activities, but at all times, at all age levels, using new tools and methods, exploring new ideas, under leadership from within and outside the parish to discover God’s plan for our Church.

To Show…

means to Show Christ’s love, to be open to God’s Spirit moving in our whole lives and actions; worshiping God in our parish and in the wider community; and reaching outward in our prayers, giving, and activity to the community around us, and to those within our congregation who are in need, whether spiritual, physical, or mental; being alert to those needs; opening our buildings to groups and agencies who are helping to meet those needs; developing our ability to witness and minister to each other and the community.  All of our activities reach out to those seeking to be shown God’s love and Christ’s compassion.

To Grow…

means that growth in spirit and number is intentional, prayed for and desired. We grow by welcoming new members into our parish family through organized and thorough hospitality and shepherding; utilizing the best of modern technology to develop an efficient and informative communication system to do the Lord’s work; bringing the whole community together for educational, social, an spiritually developing events; developing a caring pastoral network to help each of us in our needs as humans and as followers of Christ; and by loving and accepting others as Christ loves and accepts us; thereby making us truly a family of faith, providing a safe place for the family of God to be together, grow together and to become what God wants us to be.

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To Know, To Show, To Grow in Christ